How Technology affects our everyday lives

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Technology affects everything from communication to entertainment and medicine to convenience. Thanks to technology there is more content generated every 48 hours online than there was from the beginning of time to 1992; with that comes greater accessibility and knowledge. Technology is going to continue to evolve and reinvent itself everyday.

We are constantly connected with our iPhones, laptops, Facebook and Twitter. We all can’t imagine living life without our cell phones and social media, but a few short decades ago the thought of being connected all the time was looked down upon and who really cared about what I was up to last weekend? With the constant reformation of technology, we are constantly adapting and adopting these, once crazy, inventions into our every day lives.

If we look at entertainment and cinema over the last 80 some-od years we can see the vast improvements in the quality and reality of the scenes and its all thanks to advancements in technology. Just take the original King Kong from the 1930’s and the remake of the same movie in 2005. Even though a giant gorilla is roaming the streets, the remake is more lifelike and the scenes are more believable. Then adding the advancement of 3D technology brought movies and TV to a whole new level with movies like Avitar.

The advancement in technology is even in everyday medicine. Because of technology we can more accurately diagnose and treat certain forms of cancer and more easily narrow down diseases while improving a persons health with tailored forms of drugs and treatments. Now they can grow new cells for your heart, personalize your drugs and send a nurse to your house virtually. The healthcare industry has seen one the greatest benefits of technology because of what it can do for medical professionals and their patients.  

Gerald Thurman [Computing/Math Instructor at Scottsdale Community College] believes the motto "Live long enough to live forever". This is the motto of numerous futurists. These days life spans are increasing by three months for every year of life lived. It's possible that eventually the "0.25:1" ratio becomes "n:1" where "n>1". We might live long enough one day to live forever because of technological advancements. 

There is a touch of technology in everything that we do and it continues to make our lives more and more convenient. We can be more productive in a day, and accomplish more in a lifetime, than our great grandparents ever thought about. With the invention of debit/credit cards, cell phones, ATMs and computer technology in our cars, laptops and portable devises we are in an age of technology and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.

Here in Arizona, we are privileged to have Tech companies that are a part of the innovation that we see worldwide. Companies like Microchip, Intel and PADT are continuing to invent and reinvent the products that we all know and love. Technology is in every aspect of our lives and it will continue to innovate, change and prolong the way we live it.