A Look Back at the Arizona SciTech Festival

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The first annual Arizona SciTech Festival has come to an end and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished this year. When we set out to organize a science festival for Arizona, we wanted to facilitate a grassroots, community-driven celebration of science and technology to enhance awareness of the many strengths and opportunities possessed by the state in STEM. As a community, we’ve achieved this goal and set the stage for exciting opportunities in the years to come.

I am most inspired by the level of community engagement that took place in order to make the festival a success. Over 100,000 Arizonans attended an Arizona SciTech Festival event, with over 300 people attending four events or more. Events such as Geeks Night Out, ASU Night of the Open Door, Chandler Science Spectacular and Tucson's Science in the City embraced their own definition of “celebrating science” and organized community resources and volunteers to carry out not only the vision of their particular event, but that of the greater festival as well.  Getting individual groups involved in the festival at the community level allowed each event to take on a life of its own and provide more value to the community that it served.

We have already begun planning for next year’s Arizona SciTech festival and hope that you and other members of your community will once again join us to bring science to the streets. Here are a few of the ways that you can get a head start on next year:

  • Schedule your 2013 Arizona SciTech Festival event. The 2013 event calendar is already filling up. If you are considering planning an event, please contact us right away.
  • Share your ideas. We are looking for ideas on how we can help spread the word worldwide about our festival.
  • Tell us about your summer activities. Are you hosting a STEM event, activity or workshop this summer? List it on our event calendar!

Together, we’ve built a science festival that has celebrated Arizona’s leadership in STEM across industry and education. The next step is to earn Arizona well-deserved recognition as a worldwide leader in science and technology.  As we move forward with plans for next year’s Arizona SciTech festival, we’ll be looking for opportunities to highlight Arizona’s innovation and STEM leadership on the international stage. 

As a proud Arizonan, I thank you for your involvement in the 2012 Arizona SciTech festival and your role in making it a success. Arizona has much to offer its residents and the world in the areas of science and technology and I look forward to our continued effort as a community to position Arizona for future success.

To schedule a 2013 Arizona SciTech event, add your summer event to the SciTech event calendar or share your ideas on how to get the word out about Arizona’s Leadership in STEM to the world, contact Festival Director, Jeremy Babendure, at jbabendure@aztechcouncil.org.

By: Jeremy Babendure